8 oz jar of blended herbs with main ingredient being calabria pepper.

Calabria Pepper Herb Blend by Cook's Gourmet

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Some like it HOT!!!!!!

Gluten-free - Sugar Free - Sodium Free

Made by Cook's Gourmet (Loyalist Trading Co. owners) whom have been making and selling their preserve line for over 20 years. 

Cook's Gourmet Herb Blends - free of gluten/salt. No fillers just natural dried herbs. I personally have our set of 4 herb blend beside my stove. Whenever I need to perk up a dish or pot I just sprinkle some of the herb blend, let it sit and amazing flavour presents.

Calabria Pepper Herb Blend - True flavour to the region of Calabria Italy. Heat up all dishes!

Use in omelets, dip mix, soup, blended with goat cheese - cream cheese, bagel spread, rub for Chicken & Fish.